Advantages and disadvantages of the Pantone engine

What are the advantages but above all the disadvantages of a Pantone engine?

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One can read a lot about the Pantone engine, here are the proven and true facts about the system. These facts are categorized as advantages and disadvantages.

They come from many experiments made by a community that exchanges including the forum Pantone engine and water injection of this website.

The advantages of a Pantone engine

  • Reduction of almost 90% of pollutant releases in ppm CO and HC unburnt for a ridiculous cost compared to a catalytic converter. See the pollution measurements of a Pantone engine
  • Reduction in your engine's consumption by up to 25-30% (by water injection). See the water injection experiment on a ZX TD
  • very likely improvement of the life of the motors.
  • Better proven combustion (improved blowby, less knocking, more engine flexibility, etc.)
  • Better engine oil life (oil change interval).
  • own candles after hours of operation.
  • Much less expensive, complex and polluting than a catalytic converter which are anyway inexistent on small engines.
  • Effective after a few seconds of operation.
  • No complex electronic management required on small engines.
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The disadvantages of a Pantone engine

  • No industrial development but the automakers know the Pantone system * (see video below)
  • Need for prototyping case by case.
  • Very little scientific development around the system: we still do not know if something special is happening (other than thermal and / or catalytic cracking of the hydrocarbons) in the reactor. This also requires groping on a case-by-case basis ...
  • Focus rather difficult point for variable speeds and loads.
  • Bad reputation provided by some sites or testimonials
  • Paul Pantone being the one who undoubtedly does the most damage to the image of the system, but also by certain “recuperators” who do not hesitate to sell internships by telling anything as long as their words are “spectacular” and do people dream ... but with dreams we do not improve the environment ...
  • Contempt or at least official disinterest of the scientific community and industrialists for the process and for the injection of water into the engines *.
  • There are a lot of detractors of the system, but have they just seriously tested it themselves?
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* Edit: Flat BMW has developed a water injection and presented it to the public in 2015

To exchange about your experiments and obtain more specific advice, please visit le forum pantone engine.

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