BMW TurboSteamer: presentation and analysis

Have you heard about BMW TurboSteamer technology?

Increased efficiency, more power, reduced fuel consumption: For the first time, the BMW Group's Research and Engineering department recovers engine heat to create power.
15% more efficiency, a liter and a half less consumption for an average car thanks to the principle of the steam car!

BMW Turbo

Thanks to a new concept, the BMW Group's researchers have succeeded in taming the largest - and never-used - source of energy present in a car: heat. By marrying a power steering device with a BMW 1.8 l four-cylinder engine on a test bench, the engineers were able to reduce the consumption of this mechanism by 15% while generating a power of 10 kW and a torque of 20 Nm additional. Increased power and efficiency from nowhere! And who do not cost a drop of fuel! Indeed, this energy comes exclusively from "calories" that normally get lost in the exhaust and the coolant. Such a research project therefore meets all the criteria of the BMW Efficient Dynamics philosophy: reduced emissions and consumption as well as increased dynamism and performance.

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BMW TurboSteamer: Article and analysis

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