Michelin announces 8ème Challenge Bibendum

Sunday 11 June 9h30 to 12h00

Real laboratory on tires of the car clean, the Challenge Bibendum offers the general public the opportunity to discover new technologies for future vehicles on the lawns of the Champs de Mars
Place Jacques Rueff in Paris.

Created by Michelin in 1998, Challenge Bibendum is based on the will of all actors in the world of the automobile, both manufacturers energy suppliers or their technical partners, non-governmental organizations or policymakers policies to enhance and clarify the current debate around sustainable mobility. This is essential to accelerate the promotion of road mobility adapted to the energy, environmental and human challenges facing tomorrow.

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ps: Michelin has launched an advertising campaign on the radio: "Economies and ecology" ... one more small effort, Gentlemen advertisers and the term econology will be cited.

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