Bioplastics in French supermarkets

Bioplastics in France: large retailers are committed

On November 19, 2009, on the occasion of the Mayors' Fair, an agreement was signed by the Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD), the bioplastics manufacturers (Club Bioplastiques, Plastics-Europe and Elipso), the Association of the Mayors of France (AMF) and the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea.

Agreement by which they undertake to promote the sale of bioplastic garbage bags. The main retail chains “will develop a varied and reasonably priced offer” of bioplastic garbage bags. This agreement should make it possible to increase the visibility of the offer, to raise awareness among consumers and to promote the development of organic recovery channels (by composting or methanization) of fermentable waste.

This agreement is in line with the orientations taken during the Grenelle de l'environnement
(with on the one hand the agreement signed between the FCD and the government in January 2008 which provided for "orienting consumers' choices towards ecological products" and "significantly improving waste management" and on the other hand the 'encouragement of “anaerobic digestion and composting of the fermentable fraction of waste” within a framework of national consistency and contractual commitments ”).

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It is also following the Grenelle that the government decided to opt for a system of "voluntary agreements" rather than opting for the solution of the tax on plastics of fossil origin.

Finally, this agreement is also in line with the spirit of article 47 of the Agricultural Orientation Law of January 5, 2006, which aims to promote the development of biodegradable products made up of resources of plant origin.

For the actors of bioplastic, this agreement is a first step in the development of the sector. The following steps are the shopping bags and bags for fruits and vegetables.

The definition of "bioplastic" retained in the agreement is as follows: "It is agreed between the parties that within the strict framework of this agreement the terms bioplastic waste bags are understood as follows: biodegradable plastic waste bags at meaning of standard NF EN 13432 2000 and the requirements of the OK Compost or OK Compost Home label or any other label recognized by the public authorities and made up of a minimum of 40% plant material. "

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Author: Julie Roïz (ValBiom)

Download the text of the convention for the use of biodegradable garbage bags with a view to recovering biomass.

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