Plasma treatment of the ultimate waste

Plasma torch vitrification.

Key words: waste, treatment, incinerators, plasma, business.

Unique know-how in Europe: a pioneer in the treatment of waste incineration waste by plasma torch, Europlasma is the initiative of the first European unit for vitrification of fly ash from garbage incineration household.

The plasma torch is an equipment allowing the production of a jet of gas at high temperature up to 4 500 ° C. Exclusive licensee know-how for the manufacture and marketing of this equipment originally developed and industrialized by Aerospace, Europlasma offers innovative equipment with multiple applications. Indeed, the plasma torch is currently the heart of a vitrification process of hazardous industrial waste; it is also a temperature control tool appreciated in the traditional industry, such as the foundry. It is thus used for the destruction of waste of different types, more particularly the vitrification of incineration residues, asbestos waste, nuclear waste ... and is also the subject of industrial applications in which the use of air or gas is needed: blast furnaces, cupolas, etc.

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During the creation of Europlasma, the two founders, Maxime Labrot and Didier Pineau, then heads of the plasma department at Aérospatiale, aimed to create the "missing link" between the torch manufacturer and the end user, in other words the design of useful and reliable methods based on the use of plasma torches. The first market targeted by young Gironde women was the treatment of incineration residues and gave rise - with the support of Anvar - to the first European production of a unit for vitrification of fly ash from the plant. of incineration of household refuse
from Cenon (Bordeaux). The technical success achieved led Europlasma to pursue the industrial implementation of the process, acquiring a perfect mastery of the key elements necessary for the optimal use of plasma technology and the development of a complete range of industrial products in order to become "world leader". Japan is today the world's largest vitrification market, with a fleet of over 1 800 factories
incineration of household waste, half of which are condemned because they do not comply with the new regulatory constraints. These are so close to 400 new factories including an integrated vitrification treatment that should emerge in the 15 to 20 years to come. Thus in 1999 was concluded a first
non-exclusive license agreement with a large Japanese engineering group: Kobelco. This first reference gives the company an influence on the other growth markets of the zone, opening up new opportunities in Taiwan and South Korea.

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