Solar hydrogen car

Solar or renewable hydrogen car: an invention of the future? No, she already belongs to the past!

Hydrogen is all the rage, but most of the time it is a huge technological trickery because, if the use of hydrogen is "clean" at the level of the vehicle (with a Fuel Cell but not a heat engine because there is release of Nox), it is currently produced by reforming petroleum.

In the end, burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine is less energy efficient with respect to the fossil resources consumed. The BMW Serie 7 hydrogen gasoline is a good technological counter example! Fortunately, at present it is only a prototype demonstrator ...

However, it is possible to producerenewable hydrogen, as indicated below, but these channels running the risk of quickly escaping both state and oil control of energy, they are ignored or even crushed. These avenues are therefore, at present, completely silenced.

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They could, however, greatly contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect ... synthetic oil from Laigret produced locally through biomass waste.

It is therefore not solutions that are lacking (contrary to what we are led to believe) but political and industrial wills ... always seeking maximum profit and GDP!

The hydrogen car has been around for 28 years!

Here are 2 articles published in the New West Central Republic on the direct combustion of renewable hydrogen in a combustion engine.

This hydrogen was synthesized from 2 ways:
- of the'solar hydrogen obtained in direct thermolysis (solar concentrator) or via a steam turbine and an electrolyser,
- “hydraulic” hydrogen obtained by hydrolysis via a waterfall.

These articles have several decades, where would we be today if these technological initiatives had been developed at the time?

Here is a complete topic on work of Jean Luc Perrier and solar concentration.

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hydrogen car
hydrogen truck

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