Find firewood has just established a partnership with the site of Bois de, here is a new presenting the new version of the latter. Launch of the new version of .Net Firewood .Net Firewood is a directory that compares the offers of more than 200 professional suppliers of firewood [...]

RT2005, thermal resistances

What are the values ​​of the thermal resistances recommended by RT2005 for the different walls and places to be insulated from a new house? These values ​​are taken from the following document: Insulation: thermal resistance recommended by the RT2005 and relate to a dwelling located in climatic zone H1 (the coldest). Roof spaces lost: Resistance advised> = 6.5. Attic […]

Download: Agriculture, energy balance of agricultural crops and oil equivalent

Synthesis on the energy and oil needs of agriculture. It is a synthesis that takes into account all the needs of an agricultural activity: the results are quite staggering, in some cases we exceed the equivalent 800L oil per hectare cultivated. Knowing this, "conventional" agro-biofuels can largely be called into question. Letter from the Territory Committee [...]