Download: Project echo engine by Mines de Douai, Final Report

Echo-Motor project on the Pantone process by the engineering school of Mines de Douai.

Our project consists of the study of the Pantone reactor. Our choice was to build and test prototypes based on the initial patent plans and to disseminate our results and our approach. We did not want to test a system whose optimizations are based on arbitrary conclusions.

All the results and data presented in this file are the result of a well-defined process that will be detailed later. They are by no means exhaustive.

All figures in terms of publications or visits to our website are those obtained at the time of writing this report, the 29 April 2007.

More: the Science et Vie article on the Pantone “engine” following this work

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Project echo engine by the Mines of Douai, final report

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