Wall moisture treatment

How to treat the humidity of your walls during a renovation?

Treat the humidity of your walls
Listing of wall waterproofing products
Facade insulation techniques

Humidity is a major problem in a home's heat loss. what are the solutions?

A) The problem of humanity and its consequences

The source of humidity can be of several types:

- rain infiltration directly by driving rain or by defective gutters
- capillary risings from the ground
- infiltration of buried walls by external water pressure
- etc ...

Consequences of humidity:

- Water is an excellent thermal conductor, a wall that becomes damp simply loses its insulating power.

- The thermal capacity of water is also "excellent", a damp wall will therefore absorb calories in order to "dry" and therefore be able to absorb even more water and absorb even more energy. You have understood the vicious circle!

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- Permanent feeling of cold for the inhabitants. Indeed a hydrometry higher than 60-70% gives a feeling of cold permanently since the water contained in the air will "evaporate" in contact with the heat of your skin!

Treating humidity is therefore achieving significant energy savings later and obtaining thermal comfort may be impossible before!

B) What are the possible solutions?

We had to deal with a similar problem for our own house and we found that the products are multiple on the market.
Prices are also very variable: for the same surface to be treated a coefficient of 10 is not uncommon!

Professionals are obviously specialized in the treatment of humility. But the solutions they will offer you will not necessarily be more econological (economic and ecological)…

So why use an expensive product (whether for your wallet or the environment) when more "simple" and very effective solutions exist?

Obviously to each house its personalized solution, nevertheless we have retained one which seems to us "universal" and without doubt the most econological: the hydraulic mortar! It is an additive which is added to the traditional mortar and which makes it possible to make a hydraulic mortar for a derisory sum in comparison with the other treatment of humidity!

An example of such an additive is Super Sikalite which can be found in all "bricos" for about € 5 per kg allowing up to 150 kg of mortar to be treated!

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Treat the humidity of your walls
Listing of wall waterproofing products
Facade insulation techniques

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