Explanation water doping in engines: ionization of the water vapor

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A credible and interesting explanation doping Gillier Pantone-water ionization of water vapor?

Theory written by Julien Rochereau (ISAT) in January 2007. New version in December 2007.

Briefly, the explanation of which the development is proposed, based on a drop in consumption only produced by the action of water vapor on fuel, due to its electric charge.

According to the pH of the water used, steam is more or less electrically charged and all experimental findings coincide in this hypothesis.

This theory was provided to S & V in June 2007 in the preparation ofSection of Science and Life on the Pantone system in November 2007 but was mentioned only briefly.

- Presentation of the theory of the ionization of the water vapor
- Explanation of the pantone motor in water doping on forums

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    I am interested to follow training courses on the techniques of doping in water-Gilier Pantone motor. How to find this information? Aupres which institution should I turn to?

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