Download: Scenario Négawatt 2011, analysis synthesis

Scenario Negawatt 2011.

This new scenario meets several objectives:
- show that a so-called “developed” society can meet its needs by considerably reducing the use of fossil and nuclear energies.
- propose concrete measures allowing a real energy transition
- make a technical contribution to the debate on France's energy policy.

Significant improvements have been made to the scenario, aimed at:
- update all statistical data (consumption of goods and energy, changes in demography, etc.)
- carry out more work on industry (towards industrial ecology and circular economy)
- integrate a prospective on the link between urban planning and mobility for 2020-2050
- combine this scenario with the Afterres2050 scenario on food, agriculture and land use, produced by the Solagro association
- integrate power modeling on electricity (supply-demand balance on variable renewable energies: wind and photovoltaic)
- develop a new set of policies and measures to initiate its implementation

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