Download: Biofuel Oil: Extraction, Packaging and Use

Extraction, conditioning and use of Pure Vegetable Oils Fuel .pdf of 52 pages, 1.6 Mo by G. Vaitilingom within the framework of the International Conference “Issues and Prospects of Biofuels for Africa”, November 2007.

It is one of the rare documents concerning Vegetable Oils Fuel to speak of modification of the combustion chamber of an engine, of boiler burners as well as problems of fouling and overpollution linked to the use of oil in bad conditions. A must read if you are interested in the subject of fuel oils.


After oil, the sole supplier of liquid fuels, is inescapable because since the end of the 80s, discoveries have barely covered the increase in world demand. In the current state of our consumption patterns, the emergence of new sources of renewable or non-renewable fuels is a necessity. The arrival of biofuels in fuel oils and gasoline is highly predictable whether they come from national resources or not.

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In this context of strong growth in oil prices and environmental concerns, certain socio-economic actors, particularly from the agricultural and para-agricultural world, are starting to take an interest in the use of pure vegetable guiles for energy uses such as automotive fuel, stationary engines (pumps, generators), combustion (heating of buildings, greenhouses, etc.), or certain industrial applications (lubricants, non-toxic solvents, paints, inks, etc.).

These oils are produced from oilseeds (Canola, Sunflower, Buriti, Babassu, Palme, etc.) on agricultural land, fallow or not, in more or less large quantities depending on the soil and the economic and agricultural contexts. The agricultural sector and certain local authorities are giving them more and more attention and questioning their use as a partial alternative to fossil fuels.

In this section:

Part 1: natural vegetable oils (or pure) fuels.

General, characteristics, history, advantages ...

Part 2: extraction, conditonnement of vegetable oils fuel

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Seed collection, pretreatment, pressing and crushing, treatment and quality, settling and filtration, storage and distribution ...

Part 3: Use of pure oils in diesel engines

Operation of a diesel engine, direct and indirect injection, problems encountered with fuel oil, modification of the combustion chambers of direct injection engines, dual fuel for direct injection engines, etc.

Part 4: comparative performance and pollution between vegetable oil and fuel oil in modified diesel engines

Comparative performances, comparative pollution ...

Part 5: Use of pure vegetable oils in burners

Operating principle of modern burners, adaptation of burners to use HVP, comparative performance, oil burners on the market ...

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Conclusions and perspective


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