Watches and invisible electrical consumptions

The consumption of devices on standby is an energy disaster, it is obvious to everyone: devices consume constantly for nothing (or almost nothing).

But, be reassured, there is worse than the night before ...

Indeed, at sight in the previous news (cf: consumption of a cut HP printer), there are also completely invisible consumptions : the device only needs to be plugged into an outlet for it to consume while strictly nothing seems lit!

This consumption is therefore carried out completely at the end of the consumer, this unlike the days before where the user is aware of the consumption because an indicator, a led generally is always on!

This can be considered as an energy scam and the consumer outright!

So what?

Start by making an energy diagnosis of your various devices in order to know their consumption:
- off or OFF,
- in standby or standby
- active or ON.

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power meter

Example of a consumer power meter

Then use switches with switches or switches, there are even some models with multiple switches!

Not convinced yet?

In this case, lean on this consumption equation which will give you the minimum number of hours of use per day so that consumption over 24 hours (therefore over the year) in use is greater than that in standby ...

So for our printer, we have to use it for more than 7 hours a day so that the energy it consumes is more useful than useless! Worrisome isn't it?

One may also be surprised not to see moreawareness actions against this energy scourge from “official” associations and the government…

Indeed; ecologically speaking and in relation to wasted primary energy, there is much more to be gained by saving this wasted energy than by installing, for example, photovoltaic solar panels. But above all, above all, these energy savings are accessible to everyone and are almost free !!

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Unplugging an outlet or turning off a switch doesn't cost much, if not a few seconds of your time ...

And even if you had to equip yourself with some electrical equipment, their financial profitability is assured, just like the profitability of compact fluorescent bulbs which is, by far, the most profitable ecological investment.

But all this is not good for the sacrosanct GDP… this may explain that…

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