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Key words: greenhouse effect, extreme poverty, depletion of oil resources, pure vegetable oil used for energy purposes, agriculture

Currently, humanity faces three of the most massive dangers it has encountered since birth:

1 - the increase in the greenhouse effect which squarely endangers biodiversity because of the speed of climate change,

2 - the end of oil, when the entire world economy is built on oil,

3 - the increasingly unbearable imbalance between rich countries and poor countries which, beyond unacceptable human aspects, generates geopolitical tensions increasing all around the world.

The crux of these difficulties is access to energy. However, only one source of energy today provides good answers to these questions: "pure vegetable oil" (HVP), we also speak of "crude vegetable oil" (HVB).

In fact, using unmodified vegetable oil instead of a part, the largest possible, of fossil fuels allows significant improvements thanks to a stabilization of the greenhouse effect, thanks to the implementation of an economy that preserves non-renewable fuel reserves and through the development of healthy economic activity in poor countries.

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However, there are three unavoidable conditions to ask in advance, otherwise the remedy may deteriorate even faster the natural environment.

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