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Under-sizing of the motors in order to reduce consumption (down-sizing).

The policy of reducing pollutants emitted by road transport over the last thirty years is bearing fruit and tends towards almost asymptotic limits that will be reached around 2020.

CO2 remains excluded from these regulated pollutants even though it is strongly involved in the greenhouse effect which “traps” solar radiation and contributes to the warming of the earth.

As the quantities of CO2 produced depend directly on the mass of fuel consumed, they are constantly increasing (forecast of + 20% by 2020) because traffic and industrial activities continue to grow. The CO2 emitted is responsible for 65% of this greenhouse effect and road transport would produce a quarter of global CO2 emissions: automobile manufacturers must therefore participate in controlling these emissions.

The ACEA (Association of European Automobile Manufacturers) is committed to reducing the average emissions of vehicles sold in Europe to 140 g / km (1) for 2008. In addition, it is planned to take stock of the technological possibilities in 2003 and to consider the possibility of a commitment for 2012 to 120 g / km.

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by Michel MARTIN, High School Claveille, Périgueux, 28-05-2003

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