Climate change: 182 million potential deaths in Africa

As new negotiations open at the UN for post-Kyoto, a Christian Aid report estimates that 182 million people could die in Africa by 2100 from direct causes of climate change.

This week, 190 nations will be represented, from Monday 15 May in Bonn as part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for further negotiations on the climate issue.

The summit will be chaired by Canadian Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. Last week, it suffered the wrath of Canadian ecologists calling in particular for his resignation, because the Canadian Conservative government (led by Stephan Harper) decided to no longer comply with the Kyoto Protocol in its entirety.

Developing countries will certainly ask the rich countries to create the dynamic not to pay first the economic price of these environmental strategies. "Developing countries expect industrialized countries to play a real driving role in efforts to limit emissions, before they themselves accept binding targets," said Richard Kinley, Acting Secretary of UN Framework Convention. One of the arguments put forward by these countries is that global warming was mainly caused by the lifestyle of the countries of the North. Indeed, a Westerner consumes 11 times more energy than a resident of the South. Half of the CO2 releases are produced by the North (24% of the world total for the United States, 10% for the euro zone).

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