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Ecoquartier: call for applications 2008-2009 by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning.

The Grenelle de l'Environnement has confirmed the expectation of French society for local sustainable development solutions, at the district level, to be identified and implemented.

The conclusions of the final round table of the Grenelle de l'Environnement are as follows on this subject:

“Under the impetus of local authorities at least one eco-district before 2012 (in continuity with the existing and integrated into the overall development) in all the municipalities which have significant housing development programs. Define a repository for
eco-districts. "

The MEEDDAT, in autumn 2007, put online a dedicated website.

This site enables all those involved in the implementation of eco-neighborhoods, local authorities in the lead, to find the fundamental principles and pilot operations which can guide their actions.

One year later, the MEEDDAT wishes to amplify its action in favor of eco-districts through the launch of an annual competition. This competition aims to ensure recognition of communities that have initiated exemplary sustainable development initiatives, and to draw attention to the most virtuous among them by granting a specific distinction.

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Each year, the competition will make it possible to enrich everyone's knowledge of EcoQuartiers projects, and thus promote a new way of building and planning, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. It is therefore, resolutely, an action in favor of the sustainable city, to which the French aspire.

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