Peace Through Water

The fight against desertification, hunger, thirst and the exploitation of countries poor but rich in mineral and agricultural resources, begins with the creation of four inland seas from four terrestrial depressions.

1-channel and Kattara Sea south-west of El Alamein, ground depression of minus 432 below sea level and area of ​​5700 kms2.

Kattara Canal By digging a sixty km canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the terrestrial depression of Kattara Egypt

2-Canal and Sahara Sea. By digging a canal from the Gulf of Gabès on the Mediterranean Sea so that water flows into the terrestrial depressions of Chott el Meghir and Chott el Gharsa, whose depth is 90 feet over a length of 1200 km.
The south of Tunisia and Algeria will experience a milder climate with the evaporation and fallout of rains on their territories as well as the colonization of new lands.

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3- Amarti Canal and Sea in the south east of Ethiopia with a land depression of 270 feet deep and a surface of 900km2.

4-Dead Sea Canal: By digging a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea (earth depression (-1312 feet below sea level). From Gaza: paralelle 31 degrees 15, to the Dead Sea… with the construction of a second Hoover Dam (see Colorado usa) whose waters will rise to the Red Sea near Eliath… thus creating a fertile valley for 3,5 million Palestinians

5-Lower Egypt Aqueduct. See note by Napoleon Bonaparte to the Count of Ségur. "If I were the king of this country, I would not let these waters escape me"

6- Algeria, a hub for the development of Continental Africa.

7- The new route to India. From the port of Gaza to the port of Umm Qasr (Iraq). Bombardier's Jet train connecting the two ports to transport water on tank wagons from the Euphrates and Nile Deltas to supply drinking water to the cities of Amman, Damascus and Jerusalem and others cities in the Middle East that will run out of water within XNUMX years.

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8- Fertilization and cultivation of nourishing seaweed and plankton from these four inland seas created by man for man. Construction of greenhouses to grow algae, shrub shrubs, trees ... to transplant them to the banks of these canals and seas.

9-Algae Spirulina, Algae Salvina 9Voir Monterey Research Institute, California) Leucaena attracted, Hiuk, Dhofari, Meetan, Tamarish, Bedha, Jojoba, Guayle, Jessina polycarpa.
Pummelo lemon, Calliandra, Echinochloa, Pejibaye winged beans from Papua, beans Kalahari Nerica rice.

10-The four canals and seas torn from the desert by human hands for the development of aqua culture and the fishing industry will become the fish basket and the vegetable basket of Africa and Near East to eliminate hunger and thirst.

11- The evaporation of these waters will create clouds which will burst in rain in these regions and renew the groundwater.

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12- Financing of these projects.

Mouvement Attac: Association for the movable financial transaction for the assistance to the citizens. This organization founded in France on June 3, 1998 tries to obtain from the OECD the taxation on short-term financial transactions of 0.1 to 0.25%. speculative transactions and tax shelters. This tax is expected to bring in $ 100 billion a year.

This tax must serve essentially combatre Poverty and Sustainable Development.

Victor Hugo said that today's utopianism is tomorrow's achievements

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