Energy renovation: helps to heat oneself ecologically

In response to the Climate Plan announced in July 2017 to achieve the carbon neutrality by 2050, the energy renovation of homes is a national priority. In this context, the government is multiplying assistance to individuals who carry out energy renovation work in their homes. Insulation, ventilation, heating are thus concerned. These aids can be tax credits or direct acquisition subsidies. Subsidies financed by your municipality or region. Do not hesitate to contact your town hall to find out what the situation is because the aid varies from one municipality to another and depends on the local political will of your mayor.

Here's how to benefit from it.

Update on your work Energy Renovation

Today in France, it is estimated at 7 million the number of homes poorly isolated. To remedy this real energy insecurity, the government has launched a plan to energy renovation ambitious that provides for the renovation of 500 000 housing per year.

The necessary work concerns the insulation of roofs and walls, the replacement of windows but also, we sometimes forget, the change of heating devices. The energy renovation of a home is based on these three pillars:

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To begin, you have to make a thermal balance of the existing: ask yourself the question of what is already optimized and what is not? For example, if you have modern double or triple glazed window frames mounted on walls that are not insulated at all, this is nonsense… and it is not that rare! So make a list of checks to do in your home and do the work in a logical order. Choose jobs that have the shortest return on investment! For example, windows are generally the jobs that have the least return on investment, that is to say 15 to 20 years depending on the case! It's a lot! The jobs with the best return areroof insulation, attics (lost or not) and floors. Yes, the heat is rising!

If you want to have a free technical advice on the work to be done at home, all you have to do is do these checks at home and explain your case on our forum energy renovation. This help is completely free and experts in energy can answer you and make you realize big savings, as much on the work to be done (many simple things can be done or even, like the pose of double curtains) only on the choice of solutions.

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Opt for a Heating Economic and Ecological

A component of housing with good energy balance, is the type of heating. The current market for heaters have a wide choice of equipment, it is important to choose the right heating that corresponds to your accommodation. Contrary to popular belief, economical heating is not reserved for the wealthiest households and on the contrary turns out to be a wise choice which will allow many financial savings to be made for many years to come.

The choice of radiators connected thus constitutes a heating solution that is both ecological and economical. Ecological first because a better electronic management of these radiators makes it possible to reduce their overall consumption, therefore energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions, economic then because your bills will logically decrease.

A connected, intelligent radiator is indeed capable of detecting an absence, thus gradually reducing the temperature of a room when no one is there, or even an open window, then immediately stopping operation.

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In addition to this, a connected radiator is piloted remotely, via a simple mobile application. You can always adjust the temperature of your home without being at home.

Finance your Energy Renovation with the Green Premium

If connected radiators undeniably reduce their electricity bills, you should also know that you can also benefit from various aids to change your current radiators for ecological radiators.

A Green Premium, accessible to all without conditions of resources, allows you to reduce the costs of your new installation. Coupled with the EDF Coup de Pouce Heating Bonus, up to € 850 can be reimbursed to you. For an even more economical ecological heating solution.

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  1. This aid also includes energy premiums: EEC. That is to say, premiums which make it possible to finance home renovation work. It is awarded by organizations or companies or organizations within the framework of the EEC (energy saving certificates).

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