Automotive: MCE-5 the variable compression engine VCR-i

Presentation of the MCE5, the world's first VCR (Variable Compression Rate) engine to be on the road to industrialization

The MCE5 is an internal combustion engine which constitutes a major evolution (technological leap) since it allows to vary the compression ratio cylinder by cylinder thanks to the VCR-i technology.

In addition, the MCE5, which is very promising (both in terms of its performance and its reduced price!), Is no longer in the prototyping phase in 2009, but rather an industrial demonstrator. That is to say that industrialization could be very fast if the will of the industrialists follows.

Key information from the video:

- The compression ratio increases inversely in proportion to the torque / power demand. At low speed it is higher. This is logical: the risks of self-ignition are greater at high chamber temperature and therefore high load.

- The MCE5 apparently only concerns the gasoline engine with controlled ignition. But a CAI petrol application is possible and therefore probably a diesel application as well (Hcci?)

- The MCE5 makes it possible to optimize the use of multiple fuels by adapting the compression ratio to the octane of the fuel.

See the army's poly-fuel engines with adjustable compression ratio when stationary without being variable in operation.

- Each cylinder can have a different compression! This is the Intelligent Variable Compression Ratio.

- Development cost over 12 years: 20 million euros. This is a large sum but also very low compared to the investment of engine manufacturers. For example: the development of common rail diesel would have cost more than a billion ...

- It would be compatible with a water doping

- Financial gain on investment at iso performance (MCE5 4L against V6): 300 €!

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