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Growing in a greenhouse in the garden: a good idea?

More and more individuals decide to grow their own fruits, vegetables themselves and herbs. This not only allows you to eat healthier, but also to save considerable money. Greenhouse cultivation offers many advantages in particular, by offering stable climatic conditions to your plants. But that's not its only asset. Let's see together what is the real interest of this type of installation? And which one to choose?

Why cultivate in a greenhouse?

You can get a greenhouse from professionals like on the website, specialized in this type of installation. Models of structural greenhouses, glass greenhouses, tunnel greenhouses, mini greenhouses, you have the possibility of finding the model which will suit the type of cultivation that you plan to do on this type of site. The advantages of greenhouse cultivation are manifold.

Offer better protection to your crops

Your plants will be much better protected from the elements than if they were simply grown in the garden. You will not have to fear heavy showers, strong squalls, frost, as well as hot weather.

These can weaken or even ruin your crops and cause various diseases such as powdery mildew for squash, as well as tomatoes that no longer redden.

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Moreover, many plants do not tolerate top low or too high temperatures and thus must be wintered so as not to die. This is for example the case with citrus fruits or many potted plants. Thanks to a greenhouse, you will not be able to encumber yourself during the winter.

Improve productivity

Thanks to greenhouse cultivation, your plants will pay less for climate change. This will allow you to grow them outside of normal periods to improve your productivity.

With the ability to control heat or improve ventilation, you will also provide your plants with optimal conditions to thrive.

You can also enjoy your fruits and vegetables all year round by promoting crop rotation.

Being able to garden at all times

Gardening also means facing the elements to work the soil and pamper your plants. There is something to be discouraged. With a greenhouse, you can indulge yourself in your activities, regardless of the weather.

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What type of greenhouse to choose?

Having a good quality greenhouse is essential for the well-being of your plants. But even before choosing the type of greenhouse, you must first decide the heat level of the latter according to your needs. She may be :

  • Cold, with temperatures up to 4 ° C;
  • Temperate, perfect for subtropical plants;
  • Hot, with temperatures between 18 ° C and 26 ° C, which are very suitable for tropical plants.

You can then choose from several types of greenhouses.

The greenhouse structure

It has to be assembled yourself. There are different choices of material for this, such as wood which is aesthetic and insulating, PVC which is inexpensive, aluminum who is resistant, or steel which is flexible and strong as well. If you don't know how to go about it and to make sure you have a quality installation, it is best to buy your greenhouse directly from a professional.

The glass greenhouse

It is built on an aluminum bass then glass coated for better insulation. It floods the greenhouse with natural light, while being strong, light and requiring very little maintenance.

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The tunnel greenhouse

Intended mainly for cultivation in the ground, it is particularly affordable in terms of cost. It is made up of metal arches covered with a plastic film that protects the plants from bad weather, but also from the sun, which is not necessarily an advantage.

The mini greenhouse

Also called balcony greenhouse, it offers residents of large cities the opportunity to take advantage of a greenhouse and its many advantages. Its size makes it primarily a recreational facility allowing you to grow a small amount of plants, such as strawberries or tomatoes.

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