Water injection on Opel Corsa 1000

Hello everybody
I am busy pantonizing my Corso 1000.
The reactor is mounted in the manifold and the exhaust.
The secondary injection rail is finished.
The part before the throttle valve which allows the mixture to be sucked from the reactor is finished.

Remains to be done:

The electronic box to enrich or impoverish the mixture.
The water bubbler in stainless steel.
exhaust gas intake.
connect the piping of the assembly.
set of valves to vary the tests.
Set it all.

In short:
1) A bubbler for water with two adjustable inlets (air / exhaust gas)
the water vapor is sent to:
2) a secondary injection rail with 4 petrol injectors.
the idea is to send fuel oil or kerosene and maybe sunflower oil ...
the electronic control is used on the original unit with a second unit in series making it possible to lengthen or shorten the control pulses of the injectors.
from this ramp leaves the vaporized fuel oil mixed with the water vapor and the whole is sent to the reactor.
all parameters are adjustable.
3) the reactor which passes in the exhaust and leaves by the collector.
The original manifold and exhaust have been removed and a house part replaces them.
4) The original part above the throttle valve is plastic and has been replaced by a homemade metal part.
By this part between the reactor outlet gas.

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The original injection system is retained and is operational at all times by flipping a switch in the passenger compartment.

Voila wholesale.

The following: water injection fitting on Opel Corsa 1000

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