Pantone water injection on VW Beetle


then the return trip to Germany went very well, consumption on average 9L / 100 for two in the combi and loaded like a mule. His favorite speed is around 100Km / h (1600cc with short gearbox code CA for those who know).

Otherwise I have noticed that it works best when the water reaches a certain level in the bubbler, unfortunately as I do not have a float for a constant level yet, I cannot be there all the time.

The assembly would need to be improved, especially three things: the distance between the bubbler and the reactor, and the heating of the bubbler, and a constant water level for it with an additional tank.

Since the assembly I have done a little more than 5000kms and it's still nickel, the engine is not even dead! B)

I have no other photos since I did not modify the assembly.

I just did a good engine interview, I'll see if it can make me win even more conso.

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See you soon, Adrien.

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