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Electric motors: dimension an electric vehicle

Published initially in Review No. 3E.I December 4 1995 MULTON Bernard, Laurent HIRSINGER. COLLEGE SUPERIOR CACHAN, EEA department, LÉSiR, CNRS URA D1375

The idea of ​​using electrical energy to move the vehicles is not new, she was born when the first electric motors began operating, the batteries have been discovered before. From the 1840 years, prototypes of railway vehicles (Edinburgh, 1842) and boats (St. Petersburg, 1834) were propelled by electromagnetic motors powered by batteries.

At the end of the last century, several electric cars powered, this time, by electrochemical accumulators were made. At that time when the engines were far from the current stage, it seemed that electric propulsion has its chances, we know the rest. Note however the honorable performance achieved by all these prototypes, so the famous "Never Happy" (Figure 1.1) had rolled 105 km / h in 1899 and, in 1901, a journey of 307 km without recharging had been made [1].

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