Download: Asbestos, cancer and death. The scandal announced?

100 000 coffins, the asbestos scandal

Documentary. Written and directed by José Bourgarel.

Produced by the Company of lighthouses and beacons. With the participation of France Télévisions Pôle France 2. With the participation of CNC and Public Sénat.

100 000 deaths in France by 2025. Perhaps many more ...

Asbestos has killed, is killing and will kill again. However, we could have avoided this massacre, because we have known for a very long time that this material is carcinogenic, and therefore fatal. But we let it happen, if not encouraged its use for decades. Why ? How was such a public health scandal possible in a country like ours? How could the asbestos lobby be stronger than the state? What do all those who try to have their ordeal finally recognized by justice? And what is the situation today? 100 coffins, the asbestos scandal dissects the biggest public health scandal that our country has known… and which is far from over.

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