Download: Project Laigret: fermentation synthetic oil from organic waste

Biogas production: Synthesis of oil by fermentation from organic waste produced by engineering students from ESAIP, 2009. Sarah Boyer, Diane Labrunie and Elodie Segard.

Project in the Project launched by Laigret econology.


Human activities and especially transport are partly responsible for the increase in the greenhouse effect and consequently for global warming.
To deal with this problem, a key short-term action is to increase the use of alternative fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For its energy supply, the European Union is increasingly dependent on imported fossil fuels. However, oil resources are limited, energy demand is constantly increasing and oil products come from politically unstable areas.

In addition, greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels contribute to climate change.
This complex situation creates significant ecological and economic risks for society.

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This is why the European Commission has launched a series of initiatives centered mostly on the transport sector heavily dependent on oil. One of these initiatives is to develop biogas manufacturing units and thus offer an alternative to oil.

As part of the Scientific Laboratory Project, we will study the synthesis of biogas from waste to biofuel. After having exposed the stakes and the interests of the valorization of this new alternative energy, we will explain in a technical way its
manufacturing. Then we will see which biochemical processes allow to obtain biogas. Finally, we will discuss the regulatory aspect of its production. The last part will be devoted to project management, namely its progress and the analysis of possible deviations.

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