Heat pumps: performance, COP and standards

The heat pump, the little beast out!

Conference report organized by InfoEnergie in Switzerland. We haven't yet invented the dream pump, the happiness pump or even the cash pump. But in the same category. We invented the heat pump. And when you think about it for two minutes, it's already pretty incredible.

The heat pump. All in the name. Instead of generating heat for heating. By burning fuel oil, wood, gas or anything else. We'll just pump the existing heat. Where it is available. That is, in nature, of course.

Not going to put you in mind to install a heat pump in your neighbor to prick her heat
its radiators ...

On Friday 31 March, the InfoEnergie center in Neuchâtel is devoting its traditional lunch-debate to the theme of heat pumps. The opportunity to learn more about a technology that is gaining more and more success in Switzerland ...

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The heat pump. It's not quite the pump for happiness. But frankly. We are not very far from it ...

In this section:

a) heat pumps, a booming market

Lecture by Mr André Freymond
Head of French-speaking subsidiary of the Swiss Group for promotional heat pumps (GSP), main data:

- Electricity consumption by heat pumps
= 1,5% of total consumption
Swiss electricity is 911 GWh
- Useful heat produced by heat pumps
= 1,3% of the total heat produced
Swiss is 2611 GWh
- Number of heat pumps installed: 100
- 254 liters of fuel oil
- 804 kilos of carbon dioxide
Carbon (CO2)
- Practical examples of geothermal installations
- General performances of a heat pump - COP and COPA
- Trade statistics

The COP is an instantaneous value measured on a test bench that allows for power (kW) heat provided by the CAP to a given temperature sensing and distribution divided by the power consumed by the compressor.

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COPA represents an in situ measured value that takes into account the energy (kWh) heat provided by the CAP for a period or one year of operation divided by the energy absorbed by the compressor and the auxiliary as regulation, ( es) pump (s) from circulation, the fan, the electric radiator, etc. during the same period of time.

COPA is always smaller than the COP.

b) Measures of energy data of heat pump air / water CO2 (R744) for domestic hot water in a hospital

Mr. Patrice Anstett. Director Tecnoservice Engineering SA

This project aims to explore the heat capacity of a pump air / water power 60 kW using as refrigerant gas or CO2 R744 for the preparation of hot water on the Hospital site Locle (NE). The goal is to get hot water from 60 80 ° C to ° C from cold water 10 ° c.

c) Heat pumps (CAP) and the
Water Protection

By Isabelle Butty. hydrogeologist
Cantonal Service for Environmental Protection (SCPE).


Synthesis technology and design of heat pumps
Geothermal installations and heat pumps, the reality is not so rosy!

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