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Degassing of heating and air conditioning systems: from theory to practice. Edited by reflex.

Who does not know the famous "air problems" cold radiators, a circulation that is hurt, gurgling, sludging, corrosion ... - and no solution in sight!

It is for all these reasons that, since 1995, we have jointly conducted, with the university and the university technology institutes, research on the problem of "degassing systems carrying a liquid".

As early as 1997, a first interim report was published under the title "Gases in water heating systems, part 1" which addressed the following theme: "air in water heating installations".

Today, the publication "Degassing of Heating and Cooling Systems" brings together the practical results measured in almost 300 sites and in various heating, air conditioning and district heating systems.

Result: More than half of the facilities analyzed suffer from problems related to the presence of air.

We will explain the origin of these problems and possible solutions using two concrete examples.

Our presentation is based in particular on the final report "Gases in small and medium-sized hot water networks". Research subject of the Working Group of the Association of Industrial Research Centers.

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