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Optimizing the energy performance of your home before selling it

Offering your property on the real estate market is an action that must always give rise to a few menus or large communication. This is a necessity, since buyers will be more inclined to buy a house in good condition, and offering attractive energy performance.

The question is which jobs are most relevant for selling quickly and well. At a time when everyone is encouraged to act in favor of a less polluted environment, it is normal that the performance of the property is increasingly decisive in the purchase decision. Here are all the good reasons to optimize energy performance of his house before selling it.

Green homes are popular

Faced with the consequences of pollution and global warming in people's lives, the movement towards a cleaner planet is gaining momentum among individuals.

A positive real estate diagnosis, for an optimized sale

Some houses are energy-consuming, and therefore polluting, in addition to being expensive to maintain. Buyers who are more inclined to spend less and pollute less prefer to turn to housing with energy performance standards.

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All sectors including real estate are affected by this awareness, and the various real estate diagnoses which are compulsory for renting or selling include diagnostics to detect thermal strainers. It will then be DPE, the Energy performance diagnostic. It is practiced by a certified diagnostician, and it is valid for a period of 10 years. Thus, if your last real estate diagnosis is older, it will be advisable to repeat one. If it is part of the 10 years, but you have done energy optimization work in your house, it will be better to redo an ECD, in order to present more positive and rewarding data to your potential buyers.

Note that the DPE aims to inform the future owner about the energy consumption of the property that he plans to acquire on several points: heating, cooling system and hot water production. It is therefore at this level that you will have to consider energy renovation works!

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Energy performance is a real gain on sale

Faced with the obligation to display the energy class of their accommodation in real estate ads, sellers can no longer cast doubt on this information from potential buyers. This has strongly impacted the real estate market, since the note displayed in the Energy performance diagnostic now impacts the price at which real estate is offered.

Namely, that the dwellings rated A and B are 5 to 11% more expensive than those that are classified D. As soon as a house is classified F or G, its discount in the sale price can be between 6 and 19% by compared to houses classified D.

The more the classification of the property approaches A, the more the sellers can afford to demand a good price, and sell between 14 and 27% more expensive than a house classified D. The sales arguments can then be articulated around of the comfort of the house, the savings that the inhabitants will be able to achieve on their energy bills, and in particular the cost incurred by the seller in the context of the recent energy renovation.

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The possibility of being helped during the works

The price of energy renovation of goods can reach peaks depending on the needs of housing. This should not, however, constitute an obstacle to the completion of the works, as some of them are the subject of State aid.

By benefiting from these aids, it will be possible to renovate your house at a lower cost. Depending on the nature of the work, this aid may result in a 5,5% VAT reduction, a Zero interest loan, or even a financial assistance from ANAH.

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