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Helping restaurateurs after the coronavirus crisis

In addition to being a real danger to life, the coronavirus epidemic is also hurting the economy because of the slowdown and even the cessation of many activities. Among the most affected are the restaurateurs who had to close their doors since March 14 at midnight under orders from the Presidency of the Republic.

A blow and a necessity to help fight the spread of the virus. It is therefore not surprising that these professionals are now experiencing serious financial difficulties and the situation is likely to worsen, even after the deconfinement !

The president of the catering branch of the Union of hotel trades and industries (UMIH) announces that more than half of the establishments are in danger. In fact, despite the possibility of home delivery or take-out sales, many establishments were unable to do so for lack of means and fear public reaction to the reopening.

How can we act to help restaurateurs after the coronavirus crisis ? In particular by using delivery and making local producers work: a way to continue working, while restoring the pride of place to French, regional, quality products. We limit CO2 emissions due to the delivery of food from foreign countries, and we are therefore making a gesture both for the planet and for our French economy!

Solutions to help restaurateurs

We can introduce some good practices in our daily life in order to contribute to the good recovery of restaurant activities after the coronavirus.

Buy takeaways

Even if it is no longer possible for restaurants to open their rooms to customers, they have been authorized to offer take-out. We can therefore take advantage of our rare essential outings to stock up on takeaways in these establishments and thus make our contribution to the French economy. Although this prospect may raise fears of re-contamination, know that respecting barrier gestures is an effective way to protect yourself.

So, don't forget your masks and respect the safety distance while you order. Moreover, these professionals are also required to respect instructions to limit contact with the customer to the strict minimum.

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Have meals delivered to your home

The best solution to help instill the activity of restorers during coronavirus is to have meals delivered to your home. By this gesture, you help not only the restaurants, but also delivery services such as Uber Eats for example, who are also affected by this crisis. Contact Uber Eats customer service by easily and quickly finding contact details from an online intelligence site. All you have to do is have your meals delivered to your home!

Not only do you run the local business (restaurateurs, producers who supply the raw materials, and the delivery service), but you also limit your carbon footprint. In fact, your Uber Eats delivery person will deliver several people alone, in an area that is sometimes close, rather than several people moving to get to the restaurant.

Finally, it is possible tocombine Covid constraints and eco-citizen gesture !

Coronavirus restaurant delivery

Buy gift vouchers or vouchers

You can also support your favorite restaurants that had to close shop because of the health crisis, by buying them gift vouchersx. Unlike home delivery or the purchase of take-out meals, this gesture consists in helping today and then being thanked when the establishment reopens.

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To do this, you must go to a solidarity platform which lists a hundred restaurants across France and which offers gift cards and vouchers, in exchange for a reservation for a meal or personalized packs in these establishments. Thanks to this system, restaurants can then benefit from an immediate cash flow which they can use to continue operating or to prepare for their reopening to the general public later. Note that some platforms allow you to help carers at the same time, since they donate a small part of the money obtained to hospitals.

- gift cards cost between 50 and 70 euros, while establishments across France can register for free on these platforms.

Why is it so important to help restaurateurs?

The catering sector is one of those most affected by the current health crisis. Stopping or slowing down their activities during and after confinement will have serious consequences not only for their profession, but also for other players in the local economy.

Catering represents a high employment rate

With their obligation to keep doors closed during containment, restaurants are left with employees who are also out of business. And when we know that the sector guarantees more than a million jobs in France, it is now clear that by helping him get up, we also contribute to the return to employment of its many employees.

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Moreover, even if the partial unemployment scheme has been put in place to ensure employability and the return to work of employees, it only partially benefits them. Many restaurants still employed black or gray employees, not forgetting that certain waiters and cooks exercise their profession under the regime of self-employment and therefore cannot benefit from partial activity.

It is therefore imperative to guarantee their return to employment by continuing to give work to restaurants.

To infuse the local economy

Helping restaurants helps keep a whole local economy going. If having meals delivered gives work to delivery people by ordering dishes to be delivered in these establishments, other sectors of activity will be helped. Restaurants in fact support many other actors such as local producers, transporters, suppliers of catering equipment, etc.

A hard return to normal

The deconfinement certainly announces the reopening of catering establishments, but the return to normal will not be as easy. Indeed, industry professionals fear a significantly lower revenue than before the crisis because of attendance which will not be optimal. The decrease in public income, the still lingering fear of the coronavirus, the use of telework (which will limit outings for lunch), the absence of tourists ... are all factors that will inevitably impact restaurant visits. All the more reason for this fact continue to order online and have their meals delivered to their homes so that they can stay afloat in these difficult times.

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