Eco zero rate loan for new construction

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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Eco zero rate loan for new construction

by gisier » 06/07/10, 18:54

I can not find anything on experiences of using eco-ptz for a new construction, apparently it should provide a low consumption building, validated by a thermal study and submit the file to the bank, but I'm not sure, it still seems too recent.

Does anyone benefit from it? What are the conditions for obtaining it? What is the difference with the interest tax credit (sarkozy law) for new construction?

Thank you for your answers.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by Micheldu13 » 15/11/11, 17:37

my answer is a little late finally good ...

now there is the zero rate + eco loan.

to obtain it, the accommodation must have been your main residence for more than eight months, whether it be a detached house, it may be new or to be built or older.

the aid will depend on your income, the number of children, your geographic area and the energy performance of your house.

you put together a file with your bank because it is they who will grant you the loan.

Le tax creditis another approach. The money you spent on your installation is partially deducted from the taxes you have to pay.
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