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How to benefit from aid for renovation?

Over the years, your home will need improvements and renovations to ensure its comfort and bring it up to date. Certain elements weaken with time and external aggressions. This can lead to other, more serious, and more serious problems if you do not react in time. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to carry out renovation work at the first signs of aging of the structures. New energy performance standards may also require you to optimize your building configurations. This type of project often requires a considerable budget, but the State has set up various assistance programs to finance part of the renovation work in favor of the environment. Find out more in this article.

The various aids to energy renovation

Energy renovation consists of reviewing the structures of your house in order to optimize its thermal performance, limit greenhouse gas emissions, consume less fossil fuels and obtain a better score on its energy diagnosis ( energy class noted from A to G).

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Anah grants

The National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat or Anah offers partial financing and technical support for low-income families wishing to start energy renovation work. For example, call on a professional to renovate your roof allows you to benefit from different financing provided that the craftsman has the RGE qualification, because this work will allow reduce wastage to the level of the whole to save energy and money. This grant may amount to up to 50% of the total amount roof renovation (excluding taxes), with a threshold of 10 euros.

Applicants for financing can also benefit from an additional bonus: for this, their project must include insulation work targeting at least 25% ofenergy improvement of their home. If the roof rehabilitation work is initiated by the condominium, individuals can also claim individual assistance.

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The “roof renovation” or CITE tax credit

The CITE provides for a recovery of 30% of the expenses related to the insulation of your roof. This reimbursement sets a threshold according to the number of people living in the accommodation. In addition, it is possible to obtain an increase for dependents and children in joint custody. To can claim this bonus, it is necessary that the building which is the subject of the request is your main residence and that it has been built for at least 2 years.

VAT reduction

In order to make households aware of the implementation of energy renovation work, the State is proposing a VAT reduction to 5,5%. This concerns all maintenance or improvement operations on main and secondary residences over 2 years old.


This is a loan that you can combine with the reduction in VAT, the CITE and the energy premium. This funding is valid for renovation or roof insulation projects. To benefit from it, you just need to contact a state-linked bank.

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Who to contact for renovations ?

It is important to entrust the performance of your work to a professional with a qualification or certification " Recognized as Guarantor of the Environment". This guarantees not only the reliability of the intervention, but also the durability of the renovated structures. An expert can also assist you in the various administrative procedures for obtaining state subsidies.

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