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How to invest in ecological real estate?

Green real estate is an option that more and more buyers are interested in when it comes to investing in real estate. It must be said that sustainable real estate is poised to represent the future of this sector, in particular thanks to the entry into force of new ecological standards such as RT2020 for example, which will apply in 2021.

Thanks to these standards and labels, more and more so-called passive housing is present in France, and will become the standard in the future. They represent the future of real estate investment and have a strong potential for return on investment both for rental and resale, but it is above all about choosing your ecological property.

Call on a real estate expert to invest in a property ecological real estate

Investing in green real estate is a project that should not be taken lightly despite the fact that its benefits are considerable. It is therefore wise that you take certain criteria into consideration before committing in any investment. To be sure you are not mistaken, it would probably be best to call on a real estate professional to assist you in your search.

What location should be preferred for an ecological property?

The first criterion to take into account is the location of the green real estate. Even if eco-responsibility is one of the points that weighs in the balance of the choice of tenants or buyers, location is just as important for them.

For the case of eco-responsible housing among others, you must take care of choose a location that will make it possible to adapt in the future to societal changes.

A study of the real estate market at the level of the zone can also be judicious in order to determine the best ecological investment to make: purchase in the new or in the old, construction, etc. In the case of a first new real estate purchase, do not hesitate to call on the services of an expert in new real estate projects, specialized in this type of housing in particular. The latter will be better able to determine the best areas to invest in based on exact figures about the real estate market.

Note also that the best way to invest in an eco-responsible way in real estate is to choose new housing and more precisely a house built after 2013 that complies with RT 2012 regulations.

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Seek the help of an expert to consider the labels awarded

In addition to the location, labels also come into play in the choice of your ecological real estate investment.

Some experts specify that the green over-commitment is a criterion that is also appreciated by buyers and tenants who see the green label as a guarantee of quality.

The RT 2020 standard, for example, is a thermal regulation making it possible to build new homes that produce more energy than they consume, and in particular through the use of greener energy production equipment. It is through this concept of positive energy that homes will have an almost zero energy balance in the future.

The Low Consumption Building standard or BBC, for its part, has been made mandatory since the RT2012 standard came into force. She advocates energy consumption of 50 kWh / m2 for heating equipment, domestic hot water production, house lighting and ventilation. You can also use this criterion to choose the accommodation.

The real estate expert can thus be of great help to you. to support you in your approach and assess the compliance of the various properties with these labels and standards.

Financial aid

To facilitate the obtaining of your eco-responsible housing, know that you can count on certain financial aid. In practice, the granting of this aid depends on certain parameters and in particular on the eco-label of the accommodation you have chosen. Compliance with RT2012 standards and the BBC label, for example, is one of the mandatory criteria to obtain this aid.

Although they are less numerous than the facilities provided for renovating an old property to make it more ecological, financial aid can take several forms. So you can benefit fromproperty tax exemptions that can be granted by local authorities up to 50 or 100% of this tax, for a period of up to 5 years.

Aid can also be granted in the form of a government funded zero rate loan allowing you to finance all or part of your first new real estate purchase. This has been specially planned for households with average or low incomes and under certain conditions: the amount of the planned investment, the composition of the household and the location of the property.

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You can also count on the Pinel device which allows you to benefit from a tax advantage of between 12% and 21%, but under certain conditions. The benefits of investing in Pinel will also depend on the city where you make it.

Here again, the real estate professional will be your precious ally to help you benefit from optimal conditions.

Priority facilities in ecological housing

The quality of ecological homes is also defined by the facilities found there, which means that you must prioritize some equipment more than others, if you want to make a good investment. Thehouse insulation will obviously have to be treated, especially in the event of thermal renovation. It will be necessary to avoid thermal bridges at all costs and eliminate air leaks as much as possible, two major sources of overconsumption of energy.

Le wood heating

It is humanity's oldest method of heating, the most ecological and the most renewable. Nevertheless, it is quite restrictive even when using wood pellets. You will find a folder on wood heating here

The heat pump

The heat pump is a piece of equipment whose use in homes is popular for the production of heat and domestic hot water, by using the calories present in the outside air. Since it runs on electricity, it is more environmentally friendly than other traditional heating systems and ensures a constant temperature maintenance in the house as well.

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The use of the heat pump makes it possible to considerably reduce the energy bill of the home and more precisely to divide it by 3… compared to a conventional electric heating. But be careful heat pump is not as ecological as it is claimed in catalogs ! If we think about primary energy, a heat pump does little better than a modern oil or gas boiler. Oil or gas boilers which, despite their good performance, will be soon banned in France.

The advantage of a heat pump in France is its low CO2 level… but this is only possible thanks to nuclear power. In countries where coal is the primary source of electricity, such as Germany, a heat pump will reject more CO2 than an oil or gas boiler taking into account the overall cycle and the returns and losses!

It is nevertheless very interesting to combine heat pump and solar panels.

The solar panels photovoltaic

Solar panels are the most popular piece of equipment for green housing to generate its own electricity. This is due to the fact that thePhotovoltaic panels are easily accessible to as many people as possible, but also because of their efficiency. You can also opt for the aerovoltaic which also heats the air in addition to producing current, but in all cases, it is important to make sure that the inclination as well as the area of ​​the housing are adapted to this. type of installation.

LED lighting

The impact of lighting on the energy bill of the house must not be neglected, hence the need to opt for lower energy consumption bulbs. LEDs perfectly meet this criterion and their installation allows them to meet the specifications for ecological housing. So, if you want to benefit from ecological equipment, do not hesitate to tell your expert in new real estate projects focused on this type of housing. All luminaires can be replaced today by LEDs, for example there are LED neon tubes great performance.

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