Download: Calculation of a DHW exchanger for solar or wood buffer

Surface calculation and length required for a copper tube heat exchanger immersed in buffer

This spreadsheet is suitable for calculating the sizing of a water-water heat exchanger for recovery of calories in a storage volume (thermal buffer or solar tank).

This storage volume can be heated by solar as well as by wood (logs, pellets, etc.): regardless of the source ...

It can also be used to calculate the heat exchanger for a low temperature floor by entering the correct values.

- Cold water temperature (inlet) or outlet Pcs
- Hot water temperature (desired) or Pcs input
- Buffer water temperature (thermal storage)
- Desired water flow (20 to 25L / min is sufficient)
- Exchanger pipe diameter in mm

- Power to be supplied
- Coil length required
- Heat exchanger surface

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Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Calculation of a DHW exchanger for solar or wood buffer

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