Switzerland wants to develop its production of electricity from wind turbine origin

Through the SwissEnergy program, Switzerland aims to produce 50 at 100 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity thanks to the wind by 2010. The share of wind power in electricity production would then change from 0,01% to 0,1% in six years.
Next, the Confederation wants, by 2025, to cover 0,5% of the national electricity consumption, 300 GWh, thanks to the wind. This represents the work of 189 wind turbines that could generate power between 12 and 25 cents of Swiss Franc (between 8 and 17 cents) the

The sites selected for the implementation of wind turbines are numerous: 96 sites in total, including 12 "priority" sites and 16 sites that already exist as part of a cantonal or communal planning. The majority of these sites are on the Jura arc and the alpine arc.
Wind energy has followed a rapid development in the last ten years in Europe. Pioneering, Germany has more than 7000 wind turbines. The German region of Baden-Württemberg alone produces 45 times more energy than Switzerland. Austria, geographically comparable to Switzerland, has a wind power 80 times higher. "Switzerland must therefore develop its wind energy potential," says Michael Kaufmann, Head of the SwissEnergy Program and Deputy Director of the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).

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- Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) -
Sources: Extra Energy, Information from the Federal Office of Energy
(SFOE) and SwissEnergy, 10 / 2004

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