Map Sun 2005-2006 of ADEME, the solar water heater, champion energy conservation

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Since 2000, the date of its launch, the Sun Plan has created the conditions for a dynamic and sustainable solar thermal market: development of an effective professional network (industrial and network installers QUALISOL) relying on quality products tailored to the needs of the buildings and their occupants. Thus in 2004, the market for solar water heaters was particularly dynamic, with growth of over 50%. This momentum is expected to strengthen in particular thanks to the tax credit, since 1er January 2005 15 is passed from to 40% for equipment expenditures "Renewable Energies". To expand the promotion of collective solar water heater in 2005, ADEME strengthens its communication to communities and building managers.

Led by ADEME, local authorities and industrial partners, the Plan Soleil 2000 / 2006 is to ensure the dissemination of solar thermal applications in France. It concerns both collective applications (residential and commercial buildings) for hot water and heating the individual housing sector. It brings public awareness to an effort of training and qualification of installers networks. In 2004 the solar thermal market grew by more than 40% with the installation of 55 340 m © ~ installed sensors (38 840 2003 in).

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