Logan sold in France

"Renault has made the decision to market Dacia Logan in most Western European markets from mid-2005. A summer was enough for the Renault group to change its strategy on its 5 000 euros car, the Logan. He relied on "the excellent reception met by the car, both with the automotive press and the general public". Originally intended for emerging countries, the brand has not resisted European commercial sirens. A survey published in the magazine Auto Plus this week, reveals that 82% of respondents are ready to "crack for a Renault Logan." But the real reason may be to look for the competition, including that of Peugeot-Citroen, which announces, for 2005, a city car to 8000 euros!

Sold under the brand Dacia, for Renault, the Logan will cost about 7 500 euros, given the transport from Romania where it is made of different taxation and a few options (number of airbags including!) It takes add to the series models. But even at this price, assures Renault, "Logan will be the most competitive offer in these markets".

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The race for the cheap car seems to be launched in France, which increases the environmental concerns about the multiplication of the number of cars in circulation (see related article) and highlights the difficulties of mobilization on the fight against global warming. Organized the 22 September, the day without cars has less and less followers. In France, the number of participating cities has halved. They are only fifty.


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