The United States refused to commit to a post-Kyoto

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Angering environmentalists, the United States rejected on Tuesday 28 November in Montreal, the initiatives of the international community to give a successor to the Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Gathered in Quebec's metropolis until 9 December as part of the UN Conference on Climate Change, about 10 000 delegates and members of environmental NGOs discuss the follow up to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012 .

"The United States is opposed to all these discussions," Harlan Watson, head of the US delegation, told reporters at a news briefing, reaffirming his country's position. He said the Americans did not want an approach that included "targets" and a "timetable" for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Econology note: when will the "Kyoto tax"? It would penalize the importation of products from "non-Kyoto" polluting countries to the less polluting countries "Kyoto", whose competitiveness of large companies is necessarily sealed by the protocol.


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