Good development of wind power in France!

Between the 1er February 2005 and the 1er February 2006, 202 building permits, representing a power of 1230 MW were issued. These approved projects will be added to the 1500 MW granted between the 1er February 2004 and the 1er February 2005.

Since 2004, the ministry delegated to industry questions prefects at the beginning of the year to know the situation of wind in their departments. This new investigation, based on 95 departments' answers, shows that 202 building permits, representing a power of 1230 MW, were issued between the February 1er 2005 and the February 1 2006er. In total, 2005 was listed as 757 MW installed against 366 MW end 2004. Wind power deployment continues in eastern and central France. Twelve new departments are seeing wind projects for the first time, says the ministry. This is particularly the case of the Cher, Maine et Loire, Var and Vienne where building permits for 250 MW have been filed. In addition, some departments are facing an influx of applications for building permits such as the departments of the Champagne-Ardenne region with 2006 beginning a power multiplied by four compared.

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