Download: SMA Sunny Familly Solar Inverters, Complete Catalog

Complete catalog of SMA Sunny Family 2008 / 2009 Photovoltaic Inverters + accessories and options

The future of solar technology

SMA is developing new technologies to optimize the profitability of photovoltaic installations all over the world.

The secret of SMA? A blazing speed of innovation and an incredibly motivated staff that has allowed the company to be among the most successful companies in the solar technology sector for more than 25 years. They are more than 250 engineers and technicians to develop ultramodern solar inverters, the true centerpiece of any photovoltaic installation.

Inverters suitable for all types of needs around the world

The technological market leader in the solar inverter sector, SMA is represented in nine countries and on four continents by its own companies and today employs more than 2 people. SMA offers inverters worldwide suitable for all types of needs: photovoltaic installations coupled to the grid, supplying isolated-site systems in areas far from any grid, small private installations or large solar power plants of the Megawatt class, and this , regardless of the type of panel used. SMA solar inverters are among the most efficient, easy-to-use and long-lasting devices on the market and stand out among other things with efficiency of 000%.

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Flexible production and products always at the cutting edge of innovation

Our goal is to make photovoltaic technology competitive. To achieve this, we are committed to continuously reducing costs, guaranteeing exceptional service quality, manufacturing our products with maximum flexibility, providing production capacities of several gigawatts and designing technologies that allow us to take a considerable technical lead. Topology H5, OptiTrac or integrated DC switch disconnector ESS, SMA is always a forerunner for innovations in systems engineering.

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