Sustainable bétisier

The bétisier sustainable development

Here are some excerpts from bétisier sustainable development.

We helped take some passages for better visibility. The words of the industrial managers are quite enlightening if not shocking.

BP France

Source: - in the report on the work of the 4th parliamentary meetings on energy, Thursday, October 11, 2001 contribution from Mr. Michel de Fabiani, president of BP France. -

“SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is first of all producing more energy, more oil, more gas, perhaps more coal and nuclear, and certainly more renewable energy. At the same time, we must ensure that this is not done to the detriment of the environment. "


Source: - Porsche website -

"Porsche's stated objective is to minimize the harmful effects on the environment, and also to support international efforts to solve global ecological problems. "

New Porsche Cayenne 4 x 4: 2 weight tons and a half Horses 450, 266 Km / h.


Source: -Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, extract from SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, 21 bosses are involved, Pierre Delaporte and Teddy Follenfant, Editions Le Cherche Midi. -

“SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is making a company responsible for what it does vis-à-vis itself, its employees and the rest of society, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow . "

Dow Chemical Company

"Dow Chemical acquires the agro-chemical branch of Rohm and Haas for approximately $ 1 billion .. including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and other product lines, trade names and licenses covering all the agricultural applications of the biotechnological resources of Rohm and Haas. The Dow Chemical Company is a leading science and technology company providing innovative chemicals, plastics and agricultural products and services to many consumer markets. With annual sales of $ 30 billion, The Dow Chemical Company serves customers in more than 170 countries as well as several markets essential to the advancement of mankind, including food, transportation, health and medicine. , cosmetics and hygiene and construction, to name a few. Faithful to the principles of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Dow and its approximately 50 employees seek to reconcile their economic, environmental and social responsibilities. "

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DuPont Canada

Source: -DuPont Canada Annual Report by Jennifer Hooper, Director of the 2010 SUSTAINABLE GROWTH team -

“In 2001, we set operating objectives aimed at ensuring SUSTAINABLE GROWTH of DuPont for the benefit of shareholders and society in general, while reducing the environmental impact of our activities along the value chains. our objectives for 2010 aim to promote economic, social and environmental sustainability in a global manner and in a spirit of collaboration. "


Source: - Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO -

“2001 was a very good year for SUEZ, whose results are consistent with its medium-term objectives. The economic difficulties of 2001 were indicative of the solidity of the Group whose industrial model built over the past 5 years works, keeps its promises and is part of a logic of sustained growth over the very long term, based on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. "


“Since the Rio Conference in 1992, on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, the concept of respect for the environment has now been added to the concept of modern agriculture. French farmers and those around the world must therefore take up the challenge of healthy and plentiful food in a preserved environment. Biotechnology is one of the ways to solve the future challenges of our societies. "


"A commitment to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. reconcile economic growth, respect for the environment and social progress. To lead economic development and environmental protection at the same time, the efforts to be made can be summed up in a few words: use of renewable energies and nuclear power. ”

“All of the results confirm the EDF group's strategy to become one of the most important players in the world electricity sector (today, 3,5% of the market) and the first in Europe (today, 18% of the market) and allow it to envisage the future serenely by laying the foundations for sustainable and profitable growth. "

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"..Energy can only be envisaged with regard to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Who says SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT says economic development. ”


Source: - TotalFinaElf website - “TotalFinaElf actively participates, in France and abroad, in the approach of companies to promote ethics and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. "

Sources: -Thierry Desmarest, President and CEO TotalFinaElf - 2002 - "I would also like to remind you of our Group's commitment to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and environmental protection."

Source: - TotalFinaElf advertising - "Listening to the earth to increase and maintain sustainable production in the oil and gas fields is our mission. Our commitment to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT requires a broad knowledge and experience of the behavior of tanks both static and in motion. "

French Petroleum Institute (IFP)

“The vocation of the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) is to innovate and develop technologies that will allow the community and the hydrocarbon and automobile industry to SUSTAINABLE and environmentally friendly GROWTH. IFP's research and development is part of a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT perspective. "


“Renault, to be a major player in SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, anticipates, over time and in space, the evolution of lifestyles and values ​​to design its products and define its behaviors. "

Source: - Louis Schweitzer, President of Renault, speaking of the site - “For Renault, which implements an ambitious strategy of profitable growth while respecting its employees, its partners and its environment, this SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT site is both a guarantee and a means of action. "


“We perceive SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT as the integration of three major axes: economic, environmental and social. Each axis overlaps with the other - there can be no commitment to one without commitment to the other. We are working to incorporate the principles of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT into everything we do. Shell Canada's SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Report Wins First Prize in "Resource Companies" Category for Reporting on Sustainability and the Environment at the 50th Annual Best Report Contest . Read our reports, the speeches of our leaders and our press releases on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT »

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Union Oil, a group of oil importers in Switzerland

“The Petroleum Union, a group of petroleum importers in Switzerland, is committed to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT by creating a prize dedicated to this action: the Evenir Prize. This prize endowed with 50 FrS. will be awarded annually. It will reward personalities from the scientific, economic, social, ecological, political and cultural world who combine long-term ecological, economic and social values ​​in their work. The price of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT will be awarded for the first time in spring 000 by Federal Councilor Pascal Couchepin. Who declares:

Our future depends above all on our ability to find a balance between the needs of a flourishing economy and those of environmental protection and social solidarity. Not in the sense of a zero-zero draw, but a win-win situation. This is the vision that has prevailed since the United Nations conference on environment and development held in Rio in 1992.

After 1997, the Federal Council rethought again in March 2002 its SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT strategy for Switzerland. This question has become - quite in the spirit of the new federal constitution - the main objective of the state for the future. Now is the time for actions that span several generations. Today, there is a remarkable consensus in favor of SUSTAINABLE economic GROWTH and the supporters of ZERO GROWTH have been silent. Everyone agrees that growth and prosperity are not fundamentally incompatible with environmental protection.

Only a country which has suitable means is able to set up projects for the future - for example in the area of ​​the environment or social policy. In the case of Switzerland, we will think in particular of the immense tasks linked to the maintenance of AVS, at a time marked by demographic aging. This is why I wish for a dynamic Switzerland in the long term, which sees change and growth as an opportunity and not as a threat to its economy and social gains. "

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