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The Air Car by Guy Negro and Mdi

The development (should I say "combat"?) Of the air motor is decidedly very similar to that of water injection ( see this page ): a simple and effective concept without the development resources it deserves ...

An optimistic view

On our site we have already proposed an investigation on the French company MDI, which is working hard to market soon a car powered by a compressed air engine. Obviously, all this is happening without the support of public authorities and the media in their pay.

As a reminder, the principle is simple: air is compressed in bottles, then it is passed through a specially adapted piston engine. With this process we manage to run a vehicle 120 km over 300 km for a full air at 1,5 €. The concept is far from new since at the start of the twentieth century, Nantes trams have traveled tens of thousands of kilometers using this process.

If Guy Nègre, the designer of the French model has opted for 100% air models, the Koreans have chosen a hybrid compressed air / electric motor solution. The special feature of their air motor is that it can run underwater without any problem. Their company is called Energine. She has been ready for more than a year to market her model which works wonderfully.

Only here, it does not have the means to build it and is satisfied only to ensure the development of its engine. She has been waiting in vain for a manufacturer to come forward for more than two years to launch series production.

Decidedly, all this is very strange ... On the one hand, politicians around the world who lament that it is absolutely necessary to find solutions to reduce atmospheric pollution and on the other, avant-garde companies who offer solutions without being heard. Is it a coincidence? No ! The lobby for oil and its derivatives is not for nothing. Not to mention those in the classic automotive sector who look with a bad eye on the market for small structures that have patents that they do not want to assign. And for good reason… The market is colossal! This is a real technological revolution. Only the consumer can make it happen or not. On condition, however, that he becomes a “consumer-actor”.

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The game is well worth the effort. Imagine for a moment our cities and our countryside cleared of all pollution ... Because, it must be said: not only does the air car not pollute, but in addition, thanks to its filtration system, it cleans up in rolling.

Note also that other engineers (Americans) have worked on this process, and have, in a way, cut the pear in half. That is to say, they have created a device that allows you to compress the air when you brake. This inexpensively accumulated energy, especially in urban areas, can then be used while on the road. The problem is that as soon as there is no more air in the bottles, a heat engine automatically takes over. No need to give you the bottom of my thoughts ... Why bother with a heat engine when it is possible to do without?

And that is the whole issue raised by this question. What are we waiting for to scrap our old, highly polluting cars? Because all this is not a joke, nor sensationalism for two euros, it is real info! When you see the feats that have been achieved by engine engineers who tirelessly continue to improve the performance of the compressed air engine, the first thing that comes to mind is to say to yourself: " it would be if we gave real resources to these people! ".

As Guy Nègre's formula says so well: M × T = constant… (M = Money and T = Time). This is the root of the problem! Few means, reduced numbers, under mediatization… All of this means that it takes a specific faith to lift mountains to persist in this path.

All I can tell you is that I had the chance to visit the MDI factory located near Nice and to be able to talk to Guy Nègre. I left with the strong feeling that the world is not turning right - not to say upside down. When we see initiatives like that, which go in the direction of the common good and nothing is moving around, it's revolting! So yes, I haven't been to Korea to test the Korean model, but I have read all the reports on it. It does work. Moreover, it was present at the last auto show in Paris and many specialist journalists were able to try it. In the end, how many articles? How many reports? Nothing, nothing, nada… And yet, the subject is well worth the detour - it is far more interesting than the potters of our regions during the news on TF1. Should we see the influence of a few big advertisers / polluters who have used their financial veto? Another question that has the merit of being asked.

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So yes, it's true, I drive the point home again and again… But it is so that you realize the importance of the stake. If the media don't want to relay this info, after all, that's their right. On the other hand, you now know about it. And you, you are a medium like any other on your scale. First, document yourself. At the end of this article you will find the internet links you need to become a real specialist in the subject. Then talk about it around you. And even better: Get involved! Be a citizen! Insist on common sense! Talk about it on a forum, it gets things done, also printing a leaflet (the one in econology, for example? 😉)… It’s not from you that I’m going to learn how to do a good deed. You just need to move around a bit, then you will say thank you.

source Indymedia

A pessimistic view

And here is the reaction of a regular in econology, an opinion that I share in part because it has been since 1996 that we hear "Marketing at the end of the year".

But the judicious question is: where would “be the case” with more development resources?

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air motor MDi

Hello everybody

Ah the compressed air engine… a huge subject of debate.

To my knowledge, for a vehicle to be authorized to drive, it must pass a battery of tests carried out by independent laboratories before being inspected by the DRIRE Mines Department.

Information taken, ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, which manages the technical approval of electric vehicles in particular) has never been able to test or have only one of Mr. Nègre's vehicles tested. The head of the Transport Technology department, Mr. Coroller, even affirming that ADEME was willing to finance part of the tests if necessary. Tel (extract from the website): 1 04 93 95 79

The UTAC (Union Technique de l'Automobile, du cycle et du motocycle, independent laboratory responsible for carrying out measurements on test benches) has never been able to have a vehicle for 3 weeks either (approximate duration of the tests). . contact: M. MARDUEL, in charge of regulations, testing and approval. Tel (extract from the website): 01 69 80 17 30

As for the specialized press, we could read in 1999 "novelty of the auto show, the car of tomorrow" then a few times later "unfortunately, no news of the compressed air car ..." and the tune continues every year .

Note the terms used by the articles: the specialized press speaks in the conditional, the words of the inventor are reported "According to Mr. Nègre ...", and the speeches of support resemble propaganda "without support from the public authorities. »(Which public authority? ADEME? DRIRE? The ministry? Which person? Which official response?)

I think there is a big difference between bringing 1 prototype to do 1 demonstration over a few km in front of journalists and presenting 1 serious homologation file.

That those who affirm that this vehicle works show us a homologation report from an independent laboratory or a letter from an official body which refuses the tests as well as concrete and precise references otherwise, that we stop propagating the idea that this vehicle is great, but that everyone is against…

Yours. Mr. RAVEL

citycat of Mdi

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