Storing compressed fluid

Energy storage by compressed air or neutral gas.

Keywords: storage, energy, fluid, air, nitrogen, engine, cryo, cryogenic, compressed, consumption, optimization


It is a technique which makes it possible to store energy and to reuse it later in a heat engine in addition to the chemical energy of fuel combustion. This compression can go through a liquefaction of the fluid, in particular in the case of the use of nitrogen as fluid.

A small study was carried out on this subject by Mr Simon-Nicolas Deschênes, student engineer in Rimouski (Quebec).


This work allows to study the concepts of internal combustion engines of diesel and gasoline type in order to be able to see the use of compressed air into the combustion chamber to reduce fuel consumption engine. Of course, for this study, it is imperative to know well the thermodynamic functioning of these engines.

Furthermore, this study is based on some technical documents directly concern some hybridization with internal combustion engine with a cryogenic gas.

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In order to properly initiate the technical exercise of this type of modification, this work will begin with the description and the modeling of the thermodynamic cycles of the various types of engines. Then, modeling these engines modify in order to see the change in energy consumption.

On the gaming input, previous studies on the subject show that a car can compete favorably with the electrochemical processes on the basis of operating costs, range, ease of use, availability of key technologies and ultimately on the map environmental. A patent dating from the 1980 years (US4226294, cryogenic energy storage) To show that a great improvement in fuel economy and reducing greenhouse gases are possible using a burner to heat the liquid nitrogen beyond the ambient temperature.

They also propose to combine fuel oil with pressurized air thus allowing an increase in range of almost 90 mpg of diesel (i.e. 2.64 l / 100 km of fuel) and 3 mpg of liquid air (i.e. approximately 80 liters of fuel). liquefied air for 100 km).

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More information and downloads:

US patent on cryogenic energy storage
Complete study of Mr Deschênes

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