greenhouse, one more effort!

The excellent French version (5 years old!) Of the American magazine National Geographic, which for a hundred and sixteen years has discovered the vast world through dramatically illustrated reports, devotes a dossier to climate change in its October issue. . The section on the consequences of the greenhouse effect in France is supported by an Ipsos survey (1) entitled "The French face global warming". One discovers a concerned France and persuaded, to 78%, that the man is responsible for the greenhouse effect. The French estimate, in 58%, that "it's up to everyone to change things in their daily life", whereas only 26% think that "it is first of all the government to take the necessary measures". Similarly, a majority (93%) of our compatriots say they are ready to turn off the night lights of household appliances, to drive their car to 120 instead of 130 km / h (84%), not to use air conditioning (79% ) or take public transportation (79%). Problem: in their daily life, the French do exactly the opposite ...

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Hervé Ponchelet

1. 1 007 sample of respondents and the 4 5 2004 August.

source: Point

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