greenhouse, one more effort!

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The excellent French (5 years old!) Of the American magazine National Geographic, which last hundred sixteen discover the wide world through wonderfully illustrated stories, dedicates his October delivery folder to climate change . The part on the consequences of the greenhouse effect in France is supported by an Ipsos (1) entitled "French face of global warming." It reveals a concerned and France persuaded to 78%, that man is responsible for the greenhouse effect. The French believe in 58%, "it's everyone to change things in his daily", while only 26% think that "it is primarily the Government to take the necessary measures." Similarly, a majority (93%) of our countrymen are willing to extinguish pilot lights on appliances, to drive their car to 120 instead of 130 km / h (84%), not to use air conditioning (79% ) or take public transportation (79%). Problem in their everyday life, the French are doing exactly the opposite ...

Hervé Ponchelet

1. 1 007 sample of respondents and the 4 5 2004 August.

source: Point


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