Makhonine: scientific explanations of its fuel

How was working and burning the fuel Makhonine?

Makhonine fuel is a fuel resulting from the liquefaction of carbon (hard coal, coal but also potentially wood, biomass, etc.)

To learn more about makhonine fuel: Makhonine, a fuel by coal liquefaction

This article, entitled "History of the Russian Magician", is taken from the newspaper l'Illustration of October 11, 1924!

The last chart comparison gives a beginning of scientific explanation on water doping by Gillier-Pantone water doping.

This can be completed by the theory of ionization of water vapor.

Makhonin fuel tests

Makhonin fuel tests

Makhonin fuel tests

- Discussion of the water doping cycle on forums
- Press review on the fuel Makhonine
- Aviation fuel testing

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