Download: Recycling of nuclear waste in our consumer goods?

Will low-level nuclear waste be “recycled” in the near future in our everyday consumer items in France?

This is what a ministerial decree allows!

According to Ouest-France of January 7, 2010:

Radioactive waste in our everyday objects

A ministerial decree authorizes, since May (2009), the use of low-level radioactive waste in the manufacture of everyday objects of great consumption. Against the advice of the competent authority.

“The metals, plastics, rubble… resulting from the dismantling of nuclear installations can be used in the manufacture of cement or steel. These contaminated products will be used for the construction of houses, cars, boats, bicycles, etc. ”Director of Criirad (an independent association specializing in nuclear energy), Corinne Castagnier does not do science fiction. She comments on a recent ministerial decree.

A huge challenge for the nuclear industry

This text, published in the Official Journal on May 14, constitutes a derogation from the Public Health Code. It circumvents the 2002 ban on the use of radioactive substances in consumer goods and construction products. The Nuclear Safety Authority had yet issued an unfavorable opinion, recalling "France's constant position to avoid the dilution of waste, in particular by adding it to consumer goods". Contacted yesterday, ASN maintains its position. The four ministries - Health, Ecology, Housing and Economy - have ignored.

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