Kawasaki Heavy Industries develops a liquid hydrogen container

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has announced that it has developed a liquid hydrogen container which has been tested on public roads. The volume of liquid hydrogen is 800 times smaller than that of gaseous hydrogen at normal pressure, a considerable advantage when considering the development of the hydrogen economy.

Kawasaki's container measures 6 * 2,4 * 2,6 meters and is capable of accommodating 14,65 cubic meters of hydrogen.

Insulation of the tank reduces product losses due to evaporation to less than 0,7% per day.

The road test consisted of transportation from a factory in Amasaki to a resupply station in Tokyo. The Japanese company plans to develop reservoirs of up to 40 cubic meters.

Sources: Japan for Sustainability, 26 / 04 / 2005
Editor: Etienne Joly, transport@ambafrance-jp.org
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