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by minguinhirigue
25/10/13, 13:57
Forum : Heating, insulation, ventilation, VMC, cooling ...
Subject : Lime plaster / Hemp interior wall
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Hello, You have indeed identified a series of relevant solutions ... 1) You will have effective insulation with this solution, but depending on what you describe your house, with a red brick wall exposed to the sun, you will have to take care to put a high volume density insulation for comfort ...
by minguinhirigue
14/05/12, 09:27
Forum : electric transport: cars, bicycles, public transport, planes ...
Subject : What are the advantages of the tram?
answers: 36
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If the buses on their own site can quite compete with the trams (ex: Curitiba), when they do, these buses no longer benefit from the advantages that you site: + The rapid transport of a large number of passengers requires vehicles longer than double buses. They are not compatible with the ...
by minguinhirigue
07/04/12, 17:49
Forum : Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...
Subject : The EU's energy independence through the North Sea
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Height, height ... all that remains is to wait for very tall wind turbines in the kytegen style. Drawing on air currents more than a km high, they are even less dependent on variations in the wind at low heights ... But hey, in my opinion, it's still crazy to use only one ...
by minguinhirigue
27/03/12, 02:34
Forum : Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...
Subject : How much does a solar generator / stirling 10kw
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I do not completely agree that this is not profitable, but rather that the economies of scale necessary to make these projects viable require initial investments which make financiers cautious ... Some examples of projects launched: - on a small scale (9kW) ...
by minguinhirigue
08/03/12, 15:18
Forum : Fossil fuels: oil, gas, coal and nuclear electricity (fission and fusion)
Subject : Fukushima Daiichi: the situation (one year) after (ASN and IRSN)
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Netshaman, ITER, effectively presents the possibility that disruption cannot be controlled, which the CEA p2 concedes half-heartedly in its response to the criticisms of JPP: [...] one of ITER's objectives is to focus on point a stable scenario vis-à-vis disruptions. Once this scenario ...
by minguinhirigue
04/03/12, 16:04
Forum : Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...
Subject : Future micro hydropower project 35 kw (Réunion)
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As the meeting is overseas, it is likely that the feed-in tariffs and installation methods are specific, different from metropolitan France. It is in your interest to contact the local electricity management board directly. Attention to the water retention, the development of it ...
by minguinhirigue
04/03/12, 15:47
Forum : Solar thermal: solar collectors CESI, heating, hot water, stoves and solar cookers
Subject : Concentrating solar thermal power plants
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Deldeco, the IEA does not make a political project, or prospective at best ... It probably bases this analysis on the slowness that politicians, financiers and users have in effecting a change in their consumption, and especially the slowness of the renewal of the parks ...
by minguinhirigue
09/02/12, 11:28
Forum : Heating, insulation, ventilation, VMC, cooling ...
Subject : Sound insulation but not thermal (what material?)
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I agree, we can vary the materials depending on the price, the principle is the same. In old floors, the solution adopted was sometimes cumbersome: - fill the spaces between the beam with slag (sand, and various waste) [mass] - lay a deck on beams on resilient strips ...
by minguinhirigue
09/02/12, 11:19
Forum : Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...
Subject : Power stations operating with pellets
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A question can be difficult, but what is the CO2 balance, or embodied energy necessary to transform sawdust (recovered product) into pellets? A question that I have often asked myself, on an industrial scale, what are the temperatures and combustion parameters of wood burners ...

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