Solar panel diagnosis

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I learn econologic
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Solar panel diagnosis

by Bricolo07 » 09/10/21, 09:44

I have just recovered 2 solar panels from 2010, which were used for the first 5 years then dismantled and stored in a shed because the house had been sold.
I tested them last week with a strongly cloudy sky so I did not take the results into account but with a clear sky I get almost the same:
- voltmeter on an open circuit panel: 34v -> super
- Panel connected to a regulator connected to a battery to be charged: 13v, and 0.4A, info checked on the regulator display and with the multimeter
- Panel directly connected to an 18v cordless drill motor, to the multi meter: 0.6V, 0.5A

I forgot to say these are good brand 214W panels, I could attach a photo of the plate. But before you think about it.
Of course after 10 years I do not expect full power, maybe between 60 or 80% but there is a problem, isn't it?
The goal is to fill a garden tank with water and manage auto watering
Thank you for your help
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