The Hawking machine, time and energy! (Daniel De Bruin)

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The Hawking machine, time and energy! (Daniel De Bruin)

by Christophe » 05/03/20, 13:15

It is not his real name but it is the one I found and which suits him very well: this assembly of simple toothed wheels with a reduction ratio of 10 ^ 100 (oops !!) allows to put the time into perspective and energy ...

This true masterpiece is none other than the largest gear reducer you have ever seen.

It would require more energy than exists in the observable universe for the last cogwheel to make a full revolution. A creation by artist Daniel De Bruin, inspired by Arthur Ganson's "Machine with Concrete".

On March 1, 2020, Daniel celebrated his (exactly) 1 billion seconds (31.709791984 years). To celebrate this, he built this machine which makes it possible to realize the immensity of the number "gogol" (or googol). In mathematics, a gogol is a natural integer corresponding to 10 ^ 100 (i.e. 1 followed by a hundred zeros). A number greater than the quantity of atoms present in the known universe.

This mechanical reducer has toothed wheel assemblies, each giving a reduction ratio of 1/10. Since there are 100 wheels in the gear train, the first would have to be rotated 10 ^ 100 times for the last to make a single revolution. Better still, this would require more energy than that theoretically available in the observable universe (10 ^ 70 joules). In short, a brilliant work, it must be admitted.

Credit: Daniel De Bruin

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